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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  April 26, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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d.c. neighborhood after three attacks in two days. and they may all be the work of one person. a postal worker robbed at gunpoint just hours after some new steps were put in to protect employees. plus a hero to the washington capitals reacts to racism after his game-winning goal after the caps' owner lashes out at boston fans. but first -- >> with the second pick in the 2012 draft the washington redskins select robert griffin iii, quarterback -- >> in you go. that made it official. the rg3 era has begun in the nation's capital. there's an excitement not seen around these parts in quite some time. >> wendy rieger's out at fedex field with the crowd there celebrating the new quarterback selection. but first to dan hellie with details of a very big night for the redskins franchise. >> this is fun. robert griffin iii now officially going to be wearing the burgundy and gold, and he'sar already feeling at home. he opened up his first teleconference after being selected by singing "hail to the
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redskins." not much of a surprise with this pick tonight, but that didn't really matter, did it? >> with the second pick in the 2012 nfl draft the washington redskins select robert griffin iii. >> the heisman trophy winner looking dapper on the biggest night of his football life. he will be introduced to fans and media here in d.c. at a draft party at fedex field on saturday at 2:00. rg3 is the franchise quarterback the redskins have desperately needed for more than two decades. he's been in new york since tuesday soaking up the draft experience, and tonight was what he's been waiting for. >> yeah, i was excited and i was sitting there staring at the phone, waiting for the call. and they called the other phone. so it was pretty cool. even though you know where you're going, you still want to act as if you don't. you never know what can happen, as the rest of the draft has shown. so i'm excited to be a redskin. i'm looking forward to using the weapons that we have on offense
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and then playing with a great defense. >> already hard studying. we're going to tell you what else he's doing to get to know some of his teammates before he steps foot as an official redskin on redskins park soil. >> it's a good night. thank you, dan. the moment the redskins made their selection the cheers went up at fedex field as well as in bars and living rooms across the area. wendy rieger got a firsthand look at the rg3 excitement at a party for fans at the stadium in landover. [ cheers ] >> reporter: the announcement was expected. still, the words were sweet. >> rg3! rg3! rg3! >> they're going to return to prominence. it's time. we've waited. we've been patient. it's time. >> i love his charisma. i love the fact that he's a stand-up guy and he's a go-getter. >> this guy is the start. he's the piece that we need to build around, that we haven't had in years. >> hopefully, this is the time we get it right.
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and i think he is the guy to get it right. >> reporter: they came with their super socks. they came with their lucky hats. but most importantly, they came with the belief that this time will be the charm. >> probably not this year but next year we will win the super bowl. for all y'all dallas fans, don't hate on us. we're going to be coming for y'all. >> reporter: the alchemy of sports requires the right ingredients and a touch of magic. but reality tells us that mr. griffin iii is just one guy. but tonight we were reminded that you only need a spark to ignite a fire. in landover, i'm wendy rieger, news 4. >> you can read more about robert griffin thrd thrksd his background and even his standout spanish speaking in middle school all on not a bad night out there but some showers bouncing around, huh, doug? >> yeah. we're still talking about rg3, aren't we? >> no. moving on. >> okay. got you. storm 4 radar right now showing just a few of those showers.
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we had some significant showers come through frederick county, northern montgomery and over toward howard county but those have since died out right now. you can see they've made their way down toward -- or from the north. still in through central montgomery county, some light showers right now right around the laurel area, down around the bowie area and in toward crofton toward maryland. they are dying, they will continue to die down to the south, but this is all continuing to be part of a very unsettled pattern. that pattern will most likely last through part of the weekend. wait until you see my weekend forecast. it's about half and half. we'll talk about that. >> thanks, doug. three violent attacks in one part of the city tonight -- in the last couple of nights. one person killed two, others severely injured. all of it maybe the work of one man. jackie bensen in the petworth neighborhood of northeast d.c. >> reporter: jim, it is no exaggeration to say that this neighborhood is gripped in fear tonight. the few people who are out are walking in pairs or groups, hoping to avoid whatever is going on here.
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there are extra police patrols on the streets of petworth and adjoining neighborhoods. police have issued an extraordinarily strong warning after three people walking in the area were randomly assaulted in a two-day period. one of them fatally injured, very possibly by the same suspect. in each case the victim was struck by a powerful blow to the head. >> we are asking that residents in the area walk in pairs or in groups when at all possible until we get some more information. >> reporter: the first incident happened tuesday, 6:00 p.m., broad daylight, in an alley near 8th and emerson streets northwest. registered nurse gary diedricks, a tourist visiting from colorado, was found beaten to death. nine hours later a short distance away a metro bus driver spotted a man in the street in the 4800 block of georgia avenue northwest. turns out the 53-year-old homeless man was not run over. he was struck in the head. 8:30 p.m. wednesday d.c. police assisted by crime scene investigators from the u.s. secret service responded to 9th and longfellow streets northwest
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where a 37-year-old woman was struck in the head on her way home from church. a nearby house has security cameras. it's not clear if they recorded anything. >> i've been around here my whole life, and i've never heard of none of this going on around here. >> i'm different than a nice little lady walk back home from church. so. >> we're really asking neighbors to just think back, things they may think are insignificant may help the police. >> reporter: because a murder was involved, there is a $25,000 reward for information in this case. reporting live in northwest washington, jackie bensen, news 4. another robbery of a postal worker in prince george's county. the latest one happened about 5:30 this afternoon outside the mount rainier post office. ploes say two men with a gun robbed the worker after he got out of his vehicle. the worker wasn't injured. the postal service recently made a move to make sure no workers were alone inside an office after two other robberies in recent months. a daycare center in landover will be closed tomorrow after a man went on a rampage in there
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with a baseball bat. police say michael tyrone young pretended to be a parent to get inside the it's a family affair center today. he is accused of attacking a security guard and then taking a bat to stuff inside the daycare center. no children were hurt. but the security guard is being treated for broken bones in his face. young was to undergo a mental exam. next tuesday marks one year since navy s.e.a.l.s killed osama bin laden in pakistan. the fbi and the department of homeland security issued a terror bulletin warning, americans to keep their eyes and ears open in the days ahead. authorities say there have been no credible threats but there is what they call chatter from terror groups about avenging the death of bin laden. tonight, new allegations involving secret service agents. the agency's now looking into reports that agents hired strippers and prostitutes in el salvador before the president's visit there last year. the news comes just two weeks after a dozen secret service employees were reprimanded over a prostitution scandal in
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colombia. this morning homeland security secretary janet napolitano told lawmakers she believes what happened in colombia was an isolated incident. caps player and the hero of that game last night joel ward says he is not letting racist remarks ruin his excitement after the win last night. some fans up in boston made derogatory, even threatening comments online after ward scored the winning goal in overtime. ward is the only african-american on the caps. he told "usa today" he's not fazed. caps owner ted leonesis was more stern. he said, in his words, "shame on these people who decided to take to their keyboards and show their ignorance and their racism and hate. i hope they are now publicly identified and pay a huge price for their beliefs." d.c. councilman marion berry says the media is xajtding his beliefs about the asian
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community. earlier this week he said there are a number of immigrants who are nurses particularly from the philippines, that there are too many of them. he was speaking of his desire for d.c. to grow and train its own nurses. a few weeks ago he referred to "dirty asian stores." at a budget hearing today the ward 8 councilman drew fire from several asian-american groups. >> and race-baiting statements. we're teaching them that statements that demonize a specific class of people -- >> a group of you reporters who are determined to divide us. but i'm not going to fall for this divisiveness and -- >> barry says he'll meet with some of those he's offended next week. beginning july 1st it is going to cost more to ride metro. the metro board today approved an across-the-board fare increase. rail fares will range from a minimum of $1.70 to a maximum of $5.75 during peak hours. bus fares are going up a dime. you'll pay an additional 20
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cents to ride the bus if you pay with cash instead of a smart trip card. the cost of parking at a metro garage goes up 25 cents. tomorrow morning the space shuttle "enterprise" will take off from dulles airport headed for new york city. "enterprise" will ride on the back of the same jumbo jet that brought the space shuttle "discovery" here to washington. the shuttle will be put on display at the intrepid sea air and space museum. still ahead tonight, an i-team investigation. see how rogue renters are taking single-family houses and turning them into boarding houses. not one, not two, but eight, nine renters at a time. a violent purse snatching caught on tape. even the teenager's own father was disgusted and took action. plus dozens of transit workers go in on a lottery ticket and will walk awa
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do you really know who's living next door to you? tonight a news 4 iteam undercover investigation into a growing problem. might just be happening in your neighborhood, whether you're a landlord, a renter, or a regular homeowner, it's an issue that affects us all. iteam reporter tisha thompson investigates illegal boarding homes. >> hey. >> how's it going? >> amy. >> reporter: this woman is showing us a room for rent inside this fairfax home. >> bill. nice to meet you. >> reporter: using his middle name and wearing a hidden camera, our producer answered this ad on craigslist. all utilities, plenty of secure parking, no drama. >> it's just the 750? >> yep. and the 750 --
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>> for a security deposit. >> yeah. >> but a lot of drama -- >> you can go in, you know, today or whenever. >> reporter: -- is about to unfold. >> i'm tisha thompson with news 4. can i talk to tom or amy? >> reporter: because amy and tom did not tell our producer one critical thing. >> they're being evicted. >> reporter: patrick cooper owns this house. he rented it to the couple back in october. >> they appear very trustworthy for the first few months and then suddenly it all changed around. and they just stopped paying the rent. >> reporter: cooper says he then got a surprise, a notice of violation from fairfax county for multiple occupancy. too many people living in the house. something he says he did not know. >> how many people are up here? >> maybe eight. >> eight? >> yeah. >> so there's eight bedrooms? >> yep. >> that's a big house. it's huge. >> well, we make certain rooms into bedrooms. >> reporter: amy goes room by room for our producer on a tour. >> his name's julian. this guy is maximilian.
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this guy's drew. this guy kelly. russell's here. michael is down below. kelly's room. >> there's another girl here, trish. >> reporter: and with amy and tom that makes nine. a full house, against the law in the county. >> if you have more than four unrelated persons in the house, you're in an illegal situation. >> reporter: board supervisor pat harrity says the county's received about 800 illegal boarding home complaints at last count, leading the government to create a strike team. >> there are health issues. there are zoning issues. there's building code issues. there are police issues. there are fire issues. >> you guys are ridiculous. >> the strike team put all those disciplines together to go address the problem -- >> here's the thing. you just showed the house to a guy. >> right. >> and amy just told him that you have eight people living here right now. >> well, we don't have eight people living here. so she's speaking completely out of context. we have two people. one's moving out. >> we hear you guys are about to be evicted. so you're showing -- >> no, we have been evicted.
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>> after our interview amy e-mailed us saying the eight people she referred to were her kids and just two renters. but this violation notice says the county also found at least nine unrelated people living in the same house. as you heard, they admit they're being evicted. but tomorrow we'll show you why eviction doesn't always solve the problem. see why the county called the news 4 iteam for help and how one legislator wants to change the law to protect everyone. tisha thompson, news 4 iteam. a man down in florida turned in his own son after he saw him on camera stealing a purse from two elderly women. surveillance video shows the teenager tugging so hard a 96-year-old woman in a wheelchair fell over. she suffered two broken ribs. police say the teenager had followed the women around in a grocery store before he struck. he's facing battery charges now. an office pool paid off for
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four dozen workers in philadelphia. they hit the jackpot in last night's $172 million powerball drawing. they all worked for the southeastern pennsylvania transit authority. or septa. each person is expected to get about $2.5 million. each person. so far they're staying anonymous. and who can blame them? >> good for them. >> a nice deal if you can get it. >> yeah. rg3 just won some millions of dollars. >> yeah. he didn't have to buy a ticket, either. >> no, he didn't. but we're going to buy ticket now. >> we sure are. forecastwise, though, things a little bit different out there the next couple of days. remember the 80s we saw in the month of march? we saw a couple of those in the month of april. but we're not seeing those again anytime soon as we are going to actually see the cooler weather trying to stick around. and not just cooler. remember what we saw just a couple of days ago, highs in the 50s. i think we could be back to that at least one day this weekend. out there right now we saw a high temperature today of 65 degrees. low this morning of 56 degrees.
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average high is 70. so yet another day with a high temperature below average. only .03 of an inch of rain today. we did see some areas with a little more down to the south to the fredricksburg area, warrenton, la plata all of them reporting about a tenth of an inch of precipitation. but not a whole lot out there. 61 degrees the current temperature. winds out of the southwest at seven miles an hour. a very nice night right now. we're seeing a really nice one. although we did see a few showers come through portions of maryland, that was about it. they have now since washed out. but this was the cold front coming down. and you can see these storms even had some lightning associated with them in through pennsylvania. moved into maryland. into that stable atmosphere that we've seen. and they've since died out almost completely. one little shower right here just to the west of bowie right around green belt. sow might be seeing some sprinkles there. but as i mentioned that's about it. what are we going to be seeing the next couple of days? well, first off temperatures tonight on the mild side. 57 in manassas, 59 in winchester and 63 down toward fredricksburg. that cold front, though, will
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continue to move in. and it is going to be a little colder tomorrow. the warm temperatures well down to the southwest. 85 in memphis. 86 in jackson. so the warm weather's there. it just has to move to the east. but we're in a blocking flow right now, which is going to keep this cooler air around the area. high today in new york only 61. pittsburgh only 66 degrees. i think we will see similar numbers to that during the day tomorrow. the cold front sweeping through even as we speak. tomorrow rather cool and windy. i think we'll see winds gusting upwards of 20 to 30 miles an hour during the day tomorrow. we will see a time between, say, around noon and 4:00 or 5:00 where it's actually pretty nice even though we are going to see the wind. but in the morning or afternoon or late afternoon into the evening it is going to be fairly cool if you're thinking about going out tonight you're going to want to wear that jacket. then on saturday here comes a frontal boundary. very cool with the potential for showers during the day on saturday. right now not expecting a lot in the way of rain, and i don't expect the washout, but this is still a forecast you want to make sure you're staying tuned to.
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57 degrees we're going for a high on your saturday. so not the best of saturdays. but sunday does look better with a high of 64 degrees. plenty of sunshine there. monday 65. and then rebounding, that warm air will finally move in here by the middle to late next week. 79 on wednesday. going 84 next thursday. but that's still a week away. >> we're ready for it now. thank you, doug. still ahead tonight, the caps learn their next opponent in the nhl playoffs. >> and rg3. already doing
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boy, there's an awful lot of pressure on this kid. >> can you imagine? >> i mean, the hopes of a whole city are on him. >> it doesn't even seem to faze
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him. >> no, no. >> after watching wendy rieger's package i was nervous for him. geez. as expected, andrew luck and robert griffin iii went first and second in tonight's nfl draft. the skins nabbed their quarterback of the future with the number 2 overall pick. he has all the intangibles. mike shanahan downright giddy, champing at the bit to coach a quarterback with this much potential. >> we've got a lot of belief he's going to do everything he possibly can to give us the best chance to win and for him to be as good as he's going to be. now it's up to me to give him the right supporting cast, get him the right system where he feels comfortable with what we're doing, without putting too much pressure on him. because it's a learning curve. it doesn't happen overnight. take a look at all the great quarterbacks through the years. it just doesn't happen just like that. but i know one thing. he's going to go 100 miles an hour. he's a sponge. he loves what he does. he wants to be the guy. >> i definitely researched the o
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line and the receivers and the running backs. basically, their position on offense to make sure i knew what i was working with and then to be able to go and see a guy and shake his hand to where he doesn't have to tell me what his name is. i know who he is right away. >> i love that. >> that's a good move. >> that's like a job interview. >> good move. >> smart kid. >> yeah. >> smart kid. we're hoping he's going to be great. the browns selected alabama running back trent richardson with the third pick. matt kalil goes to the vikings at number 4. the jaguars tapped receiver justin blackmon with the fifth pick. and the cowboys traded up to the sixth pick to take lsu cornerback morris claiborne. virginia tech running back david mason taken by the giant with the final pick of the first round. the wizards wrapped up their season with their sixth straight win tonight. wizards hosted miami. this is why. the big three. rested up for the playoffs. they weren't liking this, though. >> a win's a win. >> six straight's a good way to
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win. james singleton. i like singleton. he's been playing well lately. third quarter now. john wall doing some work on defense. gets the pilfer right here and finishes with the pat. puts the wizards up by 30. it's their easiest win of the year. 104-70 is the final. they finish the season 20-46. their goal was to get to 20 wins, and they did it. good for them. all right. it's the caps and the rangers in the second round of the stanley cup playoffs. the rangers hold off ottawa to advance. first the caps had to take down the second-seeded boston bruins. now they get the top-seeded new york rangers. new york hosting game 7 for the first time since 1994. tonight first period henrik lundqvist under attack by the senators. milan michalek knocks it down, tries to poke it in, can't get it in there, great save by lundqvist. we fast-forward to the second period. no score. rangers create the turnover. derek stepan and mark staal. rangers take a 1-0 lead. less than five minutes later,
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rangers attacking again. brandon dubinsky to daniel girardi. his first career nhl playoff goal. the rangers down the senators 2-1. so it's the rangers and the caps facing off in the postseason for the third time in four years. and as i said earlier at 6:00, this is the only team that they could have faced that didn't have a losing record. they were 2-2 against the rangers in the regular season and they've taken them out in th
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from time to time we take a minute to report on dumb criminals. here's another one. the guy's name is shane jackman. cops say he broke into a house in washington state earlier this week after grabbing some things he ran into one of the homeowners, a u.s. marine. >> ooh. >> jackman booked it. the problem is he dropped some things on his way out that identified him by name. so what did he do? called the people he had just robbed and offered an exchange. the homeowner said sure, come on by. then they called the cops. cops showed up, arrested the dude. then he went back to the scene
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